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Our Linens

This is an opportunity to use and enjoy a quality piece of antique linen. A fine linen tea-towel makes drying the glasses much easier and gives them that extra shine. Whether you are entertaining friends or preparing a family meal, you can enhance your table with a crisp linen cloth or fresh table napkins. A tablecloth or a set of napkins makes a special wedding present – most appropriate considering its original purpose. Most linen is white or ecru but we have also hand-dyed some of the pieces to give a contemporary feel for more informal occasions.

Table Linen

Tablecloths in varying sizes, alone or with matching napkins
Table napkins in sets (varying numbers, usually 8 to 12)
Single napkins – you can build a collection gradually

General Household Linen

Hand-towels and tea-towels or glass cloths, sometimes with embroidered initials
Cushions, made from antique linen with or without initials


Linen sheets with embroidered tops in varying sizes
Square pillowcases, some with embroidery decoration or monograms

In addition we have a range of cushions, lavender bags and other accessories